The main focus of my work is relationships, the one(s) we have with ourselves and the ones we have with others.

I have a generous capacity to accompany people through grief and at the same time ample energy to coach people towards the next step of their lives.

My main strength is an ability to help people release trauma from the body/mind.

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Psycho-Sexual Healing

A safe place to recover and soar after betrayal, infidelity, abuse, grief, loss, bereavement.


Healing Shame

Shame is at the core of most psycho-spiritual dis-ease. Here we go to the root of this core wound that we so often go to great lengths to hide.


Modern Romance

The dating world today is more complex and often more frustrating than ever before. I provide support and analysis for people who feel ready to walk this rocky road to find a partner. Here we set intentions and raise energies and frequencies to make the path much smoother.


Couples Counselling

When to stay? When to go? How to reignite and maintain desire. Coping with the challenges of going the long-haul.




Increasing your chances. Dealing with the setbacks of failure and delay. Maintaining a relaxed, happy focus.



Walking your talk and living your core values.
Closing the gap.



Radical aliveness, health and beauty regardless of age. Increasing our glow with time.


Return to Innocence

Disappointments in love and work can wreak havoc on our core goodness and faith. With Whole Body Work we can return to a fresh and innocent perspective.


Subtle Trauma

Pinpointing the trauma that is difficult to find words for. Here we treat the really heavy, overwhelming pain you were ‘supposed’ to have moved on from, but haven’t.




to Change

The #1 reason people suffer is their own resistance to change. Here we deal with the fear and internal conflict that has been keeping you stuck.


Treatment Resistant Anxiety Depression & Addiction

Many of my patients and clients come to me after years of medical and psychological treatment for anxiety, depression and their accompanying addictions. Whole Body Work allows them to leave behind these self-defeating habits and integrate new ways of being.


Plant Medicine - Preparation & Integration

I support people who have experienced or would like to experience the plant medecines of the Amazon, the Andes, and Africa. I provide psychotherapeutic preparation and life integration follow up for these treatments.


Healing from Cancer

Whole Body Work releases powerful healing energies so we can activate our own healing powerhouses.