How does it work?

I offer both traditional weekly one-hour meetings as well as longer more intensive sessions.

The session includes plenty of time for meditation, silence, listening, active discussion, transformation and breakthroughs!

I avoid much useless chitchat and over-intellectualisation of your subject matter. In the generous space of the session, nothing is wasted. On the contrary, the session is set up to encourage you to step forward now rather than later and to “tell the whole truth” faster.

My clients tend to travel extensively, come from a wide variety of international cultures and, because of their work and interests, are often on the move.

Depending on your constraints and requirements, the frequency of meetings may vary considerably. I have seen some clients for as little as one session; others I see on a monthly or quarterly basis with telephone and e-mail contact in between.

One of the defining features of sessions with me is that they can be designed to do justice to your needs.